Will the Seattle Case Represent a Sea Change in HIV Criminalization Laws? [HIV Plus: October 21, 2014]

When is consensual sex a crime? For people living with HIV, it can result in felony charges in a majority of U.S. states. Despite massive advances in medical treatment and even HIV-blocking pre-exposure… Continue reading

A New App Will Help Flight Attendants Report Human Trafficking (VICE: February 9, 2014)

Flight attendants are often the only people outside of government and law enforcement who interact with victims of human trafficking on a regular basis. The only problem is that they don’t always know… Continue reading

The Supreme Court Heard Its First Social Media Harassment Case (VICE: December 2, 2014)

On Monday the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case that could define whether or not ​online threats are taken seriously by the legal system. The case is ​Elonis v. United States​,… Continue reading

Oregon’s Stripper Lobby: Legislators Ask Exotic Dancers for Help With Strip Club Bill (The Daily Beast: October 6, 2014)

Only in Portland. The rainy Northwest city not only brags of having more strip clubs per capita than any other place in the U.S., its booming adult entertainment industry has gone hipster. According… Continue reading

Should Oil Barons Like David Koch Be Funding Our Museums (VICE: September 12, 2014)

What is the point of a science museum? If you’ve visited the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan recently, you might think it was designed to collect dust: moldy, ancient dioramas of… Continue reading

The Massive Feminist Protest the English-Speaking World Completely Ignored (Mic: October 27, 2014)

If the ongoing GamerGate saga and last week’s disappointing reminder of Bill Cosby’s rape legacy are disheartening America’s feminists, they should cast across the Atlantic for a glimmer of hope. Last Wednesday, a… Continue reading

Strip Club Owners Are Being Trained to Hand Over Trafficking Victims to Authorities (VICE News: October 16, 2014)

On Tuesday a group called Club Operators Against Sex Trafficking (COAST) held its latest meeting in a hotel ballroom in Portland, Oregon. About 60 strip club employees and managers were in attendance, most… Continue reading

Not Everyone Is Happy With the NY Courts Treating Sex Workers as Trafficking Victims (VICE News: October 1, 2014)

Are all sex workers victims of human trafficking? And should trafficking victims be treated as criminals? Those are two central questions raised in a new report released today by Brooklyn’s Red Umbrella Project,… Continue reading

Police Tactics in ‘Active Shooter’ Situations Face Scrutiny After Ohio Walmart Killing (VICE News: September 28, 2014)

At the tail end of what might go down in history as Ferguson Summer, Americans are debating whether police training and protocols sufficiently address racial stereotypes and the use of deadly force. A… Continue reading

Wednesday’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade Announcement Isn’t Progress–It’s an Insult to New York’s Irish LGBT Community (Huffington Post: September 5, 2014)

As a young Irish Catholic New Yorker growing up in the East Village, I watched the St. Patrick’s Day Parade with a rapt, but removed, pride. The only child of a punk-rock single… Continue reading