The Hipster Fred Phelps (The Daily Beast: December 8, 2013)

By day, Portland’s Grant Chisholm sells retro furniture. By night, he stalks the streets railing against the sin of “homosex.” It’s Cyber Monday and Grant Chisholm is manning his retro-cool vintage furniture store,… Continue reading

The Unsustainable Divide of Same-Sex Marriage (Al Jazeera English: March 14, 2013)

If there is anything consistent about US politics, it is that the federal government can rarely get all 50 states to agree on anything. The sheer geographical enormity of the country, not to… Continue reading

In the Tropics with John McAfee and His Fiancé (PandoDaily: February 16, 2013)

When the elevator doors open into the lobby of the Heathman Hotel, I feel the bulge in my pocket: $2,900, in one-hundred-dollar bills. Carrying this much cash makes me nervous and adds to… Continue reading

Drawn to Craziness: The artist who brought millionaire fugitive John McAfee to Portland admits he’s getting a bit wigged out himself. (Willamette Week: January 16, 2013)

EYES ON ESSLEY: Portland artist Chad Essley agreed to be interviewed by WW for this story, but only if the newspaper ran a self-portrait of him rather than a photograph. Essley says his… Continue reading

Software Millionaire John McAfee Says He Is Now Calling Portland Home (Willamette Week: January 11, 2013)

(For Part 2 of this interview, in which McAfee talks about sex and money, click here. For Part 3, in which McAfee talks about dealing with the news media, click here.) Portland, meet your newest… Continue reading

Fred Armisen Interview: Why He Loves Living Here, and Why Portlandia Plays It Safe (Willamette Week: January 2, 2013)

When Fred Armisen became a Portland resident about a year ago, he chose a place to live not too different from the kind you’d expect for a New Yorker. Last spring, the actor… Continue reading

Blood Money: A Portland strip club hands out red-stained $2 bills, despite warnings from the feds to stop. (Willamette Week: October 24, 2012)

  FEDS SEEING RED: Casa Diablo manager Johnny Zukle and his “bloody” money (above). – IMAGES:            The manager at the McDonald’s on Northwest Yeon Avenue glanced at the money… Continue reading

Street Talking: Will Potter’s prostitution cleanup plan work? Ask the experts. (Willamette Week: September 24, 2008)

  IMAGE: Lukas Ketner Mayor Tom Potter’s anti-prostitution plan for 82nd Avenue stresses four points: making more arrests, placing sex workers on probation that prevents their immediate return to the street, spending $500,000… Continue reading

Skin of a Different Color (Willamette Week: October 10, 2007)

Skin Of A Different Color Not every skinhead in Portland this weekend was a white supremacist.    PROTEST WITH ANDRE: Andre “Aggro” is a skinhead who protested the racist Hammerfest skins last weekend.… Continue reading

Breaking News: Nazi Skinhead Locations Revealed (Willamette Week: October 7, 2007)

Hammerfest Update: Nazi skinhead locations revealed   This Saturday afternoon in Portland’s southeast Lents Park, anti-racist activists held a rally in response to the gathering of white-power skinheads (and their hardcore bands) known… Continue reading